Selected Testimonials

“He is ready to help anytime. He was very patient and explained very clearly. Helped me to understand the material. Answered to all my questions. Very professional!!!” ~CS1555 student

“Took the time to show us actual SQL code and run it to show what it does. He was always such a pleasant person to be around and would do all that he could to help. If he taught any classes, I would take them with him, because he explains things very clearly. He is likely the reason why I understood what I did in the class.” ~CS1555 student

“Very knowledgable about the course topics and recitation materials, extremely good at explaining them to students. The passion he displays for teaching, as a recitation instruction, the quality and engagement of the recitation, is something I rarely encountered in my entire college career. He is an ideal instructor that has great influence on any one of his students.” ~CS1555 student

“Rakan is the BEST teaching assistant in Pitt CS. Hands down, he should be teaching lectures for every course.” ~CS1555 student

“The greatest teacher I’ve ever had at Pitt. Please make him a lecturer. He’s clear, well–prepared, and does a great job of teaching us the material. I wouldn’t have been able to do the homeworks if I had a different TA. Please please please please make him a lecturer, he’s so good.” ~CS1555 student

“Very interactive and engaging. Without a doubt the best TA I’ve had in the CS department.” ~CS1555 student