About Me


Professionally, a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Computer science. A member of the Advanced Data Management Technologies (ADMT) lab. MS degree in Information Science, with a concentration in Networking and Security from the University of Pittsburgh. BS in Computer Science from King Saud University. On the career side, I worked as a software engineer at AECL for a year, and as a lecturer at King Saud University, CS department for a year.

Personally, squash (sport) is my life and passion. Interested in societies and social systems, and how they are related to CS design patterns, system models, etc.

Research Interests

Data management, data Exploration, spatiotemporal databases, in-memory access structures, timeseries databases, database management systems, distributed systems, data stream management systems, high performance computing (HPC), reliability, and computer (and information) security.